Visitor Management

The EIDOS Visitor software replaces the traditional visitor book with a streamlined process for booking in visitors & contractors to site. Visitor details are securely stored and provide real time information and reports.

Visitors can be pre-booked allowing them to check in using a QR code that they’ve received via email. Repeat visitors using the app need only enter their mobile number for the system to recognise them and pre-fill the required fields. 

An optional ‘Pass Holder’ module is also available for regular contractors or staff members.

This works seamlessly with the ‘Asset Module’ alerting users if items are due for return when booking off site.

Self Check In

The system can be configured for Front or Back of House with the option for Visitors to self check in using the EIDOS app and tablet.

COVID 19 Questionnaire

Limit the potential for the spread of COVID 19 in your premises by asking visitors to complete a screening questionnaire on the EIDOS Visitor app.

Host Notification

Notify hosts when visitors arrive on site with the optional SMS text notification feature.

Visitor Pass Badges

Visitor Pass Badges are easily produced bearing the visitors photo ID, captured by the visitor tablet or desktop webcam. Printed bearing bespoke Heath & Safety and Data Protection information.

Emergency Evacuation

A list of visitors on site is instantly available either on screen or as a print out with the option to download a range of other reports as required.

Tenant Portal

Tenants can be given access to the system via their own portal allowing them to pre-book Visitors and Contractors on to site.

Asset Tracking Integration

Works seamlessly with the EIDOS Asset Tracking enabling keys and other assets to be securely issued and recovered.


  • Self Check In Option with Tablet
  • QR Code Check In
  • Photo Visitor Pass Badges
  • Tenant Portal
  • Host Notification
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Asset Tracking Integration
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • COVID 19 Questionnaire
  • Optional ‘Pass Holder’ Module

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