Secure File Sharing

Police, Insurers and Law firms are increasingly requiring that CCTV footage and other data is transferred to them electronically rather than physically in the form of portable media such as DVD or USB memory.

The responsibility for the safe custody of personal data rests with the disclosing data controller who is responsible for GDPR compliance and must maintain a robust audit trail of any processing carried out. This responsibility might be compromised if an applicant requires that their organisations own data release processing methods are used. This should normally be refused in favour of SFS.

The VeriFi EIDOS Secure File Sharing (SFS) software deals with all issues relating to viewing and release of data and we are rolling this out to all suitable sites in place of the current paper based system. 

File Sharing Process

  1. Data Upload – The Security Supervisor completes the Data Release and uploads the CCTV Footage.
  2. Release Authorisation – The Data Manager receives a notification via email that data is ready for release and requires authorisation.
  3. Release Notification – The recipient receives a notification via email that data is ready to be downloaded.
  4. Authentication & Download – Recipient receives an SMS text with PIN allowing them to sign for and download data.
  5. Transaction Logged – Details of the release are automatically logged including date & time of download and signature.


  • Integrates with the EIDOS Activity Log (eDOB)
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Remote Access for Data Managers
  • Online Signature Capture
  • 2 Step Authentication for Downloads

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