Real Time Access to Management Information

VeriFi EIDOS is the UK’s first fully integrated cloud based management information system and an important aid to achieving your paper free environmental policy.

Activity Log - eDOB

The EIDOS cloud based Activity Log replaces the traditional paper Daily Occurrence Book and acts as the central hub for a range of optional modules.

Visitor Management

The EIDOS Visitor software replaces the traditional visitor book with a streamlined process for booking in visitors & contractors to site.

Patrol Verification

The EIDOS patrol verification system provides real time patrol logging along with a host of other useful features including Fault & Incident Reporting and Task Attendance.

Key & Asset Management

EIDOS Asset & Key management software is the paperless solution to tracking and managing assets saving time and money.

Persons of Interest

The EIDOS Persons of Interest module is an important tool for managing distributed images of individuals suspected of criminal activity.

Secure File Sharing

The EIDOS Secure File Sharing module allows the secure sharing of CCTV footage without the need for media such as DVDs or memory cards.

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