Persons of Interest

The EIDOS Persons of Interest module is an important tool for managing distributed images of individuals suspected of criminal or terrorist activity, hostile reconnaissance, anti-social behaviour or banned from the area of surveillance.

Formal cradle to grave management of suspects images is vital in order to avoid Data Protection breach issues.

Tenant Portal

Tenants who are registered as Data Controllers with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) may be allowed access to the Persons of Interest database subject to a data sharing agreement included in the EIDOS process.

Security Team Sharing

Persons of Interest interfaces with the EIDOS Guard Patrol and Activity Log enabling distribution of images to the security team, who can also capture and transmit images for approval and entry into the database.

Right to be Informed

Right to be Informed does not apply where video images are employed for the lawful basis of alerting interested parties to the presence of a person of interest for the public good and security of commercial interests, as directed by the Data Controller for the premises.

Formal Justification

The reason for including a persons image in the database is a data protection requirement that must be complied with. Without this step it is not possible to upload an image. This safeguard is designed to prevent the casual unauthorised distribution of peoples images.

Secure Distribution

Images are password protected and may be viewed by the security team and other authorised stakeholders on their PC or Smartphone. Any printed copies are watermarked with a Unique Reference Number and bear the text ‘NOT TO BE DISPLAYED IN PUBLIC VIEW issued by (Name) on behalf of Name of Data Controller for (Name of Company)’

Archive Retention

The need for retention must be routinely reviewed and all copies must be permanently deleted or otherwise destroyed when retention can no longer be reasonably justified. EIDOS Persons of Interest prompts and records routine archive reviews.

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