Patrol Verification

The EIDOS Patrol Verification System provides real time patrol logging along with a host of other useful features including Fault & Incident Reporting and Task Attendance.

Using a combination of Smartphone and NFC technology the EIDOS Patrol System is an extremely flexible alternative to traditional patrol products.

Multiple Patrol Routes

Create multiple patrol routes with the option for them to be defined or ad-hoc.

Activity Log

Receive notifications and log faults & incidents plus upload supporting images directly to the Activity Log.

Schedule Patrols

Schedule specific times & dates when patrol should be performed.


Create & perform specific tasks associated to a point with the option of multiple choice questions and additional comments.

Real Time Reporting

View live updates to patrol status.


  • Multiple Patrol Routes
  • Schedule Patrols
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Fault & Incident Reporting with Photo
  • Upload Live Notifications
  • Task Attendance

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