12.3 Dash Cameras

These devices are intended for the use of security officers whilst driving the site vehicle. Its use shall be to assist in achieving the purposes as set out in Section 3 of this document and to record evidence of accidents and road traffic law infringements.
Consent – due to the lawful basis of this processing, consent of the subject would not be required.
Archive Retention – Recordings should be transferred from the Dash Camera to a secure PC file and held for the archive period. If no action is to be taken then we recommend that the archive should be deleted after 30 days. Should the case remain subject of investigation the need to continue archive retention should be reviewed at monthly intervals until the case is closed.
Right to be Informed – due to the lawful basis of this processing, and that it would be impractical to give notice to the subject of the recording, consent would not be required.
Process – The camera must be given a controlled media URN as must any portable media device such as a Micro SD card. The issue and return of equipment should be recorded by name of the person taking custody together with date and time in a dedicated log book or the Daily Occurrence Log. 
Recordings shall only be released upon completion of a data release log.
Destruction & Deletion – see section 9.3.