The paperless solution to managing your keys & assets

The EIDOS Cloud Based Asset & Key Management Software is the paperless solution to tracking and managing assets, saving time and money.

Key & Asset Management

The EIDOS Cloud Based Key & Asset Management has been developed and is hosted in the UK and is fully GDPR compliant. As part of the service we can attend site to install train & commission and include full UK based telephone support throughout the year.

How it Works

Items registered in the EIDOS Inventory such as; Keys, Radios or Body Cams, that require tracking are fitted with NFC tags. Items are booked out by scanning the NFC tag, logging the recipient’s name, contact details and expected return date and time. In the event of an item not being returned, it’s flagged as overdue and an email and optional SMS Text Message is sent to the item holder.

Other Products

Activity Log - eDOB

Replaces the traditional paper Daily Occurrence Book and acts as the central hub for a range of optional modules.

Visitor Management

Replaces the traditional visitor book with a streamlined process for booking in visitors & contractors to site.

Patrol Verification

Provides real time patrol logging along with a host of other useful features.

Persons of Interest

An important tool for managing distributed images of individuals suspected of criminal activity.

Secure File Sharing

Allows the secure sharing of CCTV footage without the need for media such as DVDs or memory cards.

GDPR Compliant

EIDOS is hosted in the UK by AWS and fully GDPR compliant, allowing the user to configure archive & cleanse periods to suit.

Ongoing Support

Being cloud based, updates and enhancements are included as part of the annual license subscription, along with telephone support throughout the year.

Visitor Integration

Book items out to persons on site via the EIDOS Visitor & Asset app. and capture their signature & Photo. Read more…


Patrol Integration

Tagged assets can also be incorporated in to an EIDOS patrol route, allowing routine checks to be made of items such as Fire Extinguishers. Read more…

Key Reunite Service

As part of the annual contract a ‘Reunite Service’ is also included. Any item found with the EIDOS tag attached can be reunited with its owners via our website which rewards the finder. Read more…


GDPR Compliance Support

Providing practical guidance, management systems, procedures, site assessment and assistance relating to the use of surveillance and security technology.

Evidence Download

VeriFi will attend site and download any required CCTV Evidence, relieving FMs of the time pressures and unfamiliarities that come with the task.

CCTV Redaction

Providing GDPR compliant CCTV redaction editing, fulfilling requirements for cases that rely upon video evidence.

Year 1 £895 ex VAT

Based on 100 keys the cost includes:

  • USB NFC Reader
  • 100 x Key Tags
  • Annual Software License
  • Phone Support
  • Key Reunite Service

On site setup & training available upon request. 

Year 2 £640 ex VAT*

Annual license cost includes:

  • Annual Software License
  • Software Updates
  • Extended Hardware Guarantee**
  • Phone Support
  • Key Reunite Service

*Cost subject to RPI. **USB NFC Reader only.

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